Rinteln - in the 'Weserbergland'

ImageStroll through Rintelns new "shopping mile" or experience on a walk, preferably with a dedicated City Guide, the traces of the Weser Renaissance (1520 to 1620). Whether the former town hall at the marketplace, or the pretty archive house in the 'knight' street, proud aristocratic farms, everywhere history and stories are waiting.

The Rinteln museum "The Eulenburg" is also worth seeing. Inside the castle domicile from the 16th century you can witness an exciting journey through time.

By foot or by bicycle you can discover the beautiful Weser landscape. The proposals for hiking are versatile and for bike specialists there are interesting proposals for touring, as well as the connection to the popular long distance bike path 'Weser', which follows the river from the beginning up to the estuary mouth.

A particular pleasure for young and old alike Rinteln offers its guests with hand car tours on a 18-km-long route of the historic Extertal railway. Also a great experience for the whole family: a ride on the historic steam train, or a visit to the Adventure World "steinzeichen steinbergen".

A trip with one of the passenger ships is very attractive, or who likes to be active, opts for hiking and water, and takes the paddle into his own hands. Water plays a role in Rinteln not only inside the Weser: With the Doktorsee ('Doctor lake') there is a recreation oasis of a special kind on the outskirts of the city.

Weser, water, Weser Renaissance - the three "W"s stand for a successful and enjoyable stay in Rinteln.

For further information you can vitis: www.rinteln.de

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