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  • Digital Minden

Approaches and goals

Minden Marketing GmbH (MMG) is linking real and virtual public spaces in the city on the Weser with its project “Digital Minden”. As part of the project – supported by WAGO, JCC Bruns and the NRW provision fund – Minden installed the first Beacon Mile in Germany in 2016. Minden was already well-positioned digitally: With key elements such as responsive websites, a lasting social media presence, webcams and a Minden APP, as well as being the first city in Germany to place QR codes in city street cobbles. In the same way, Minden’s free WiFi network was established for the entire town centre, so that Minden visitors don't need to expend all their mobile data volume on their smartphones. For Minden there was even found a solution that is legally secure in terms of liability for disturbance.

We oriented our concept development on the expertise of specialists, relevant studies and examples of best practice from other cities, explains MMG Managing Director Dr. Jörg-Friedrich Sander. If we are to believe the experts, the city will still serve as a marketplace in the future, only no longer paved, but rather as virtual channels that connect the offline with the online world, and do so in the middle of the shopping promenade. Smartphones are at the heart of the concept and are the most important channel for customer contact. Fixed location retailers and other stakeholders in the town centre should make use of these channels, in order to be a part of the customers’ daily routine and to reach out to them with contextually relevant offers tailored perfectly to them.

MMG is developing an intelligent touchpoint management system based on a multi-channel approach in which all (sales) channels are interconnected.

MMG intends to actively develop the components of “Digital Minden” together with all the partners. Dr. Sander explains: "Together we want to use this new digital "touchpoint management system" to connect visitors and customers in Minden on their so-called "customer journey” – from their sofa at home to the shop counters – with the diverse offerings of the city and with the overall experience of Minden. We are simply going to give it a try! You see, the digital future has only just begun and we in Minden are thrilled that we are at the forefront of it.”