Minden provides its guests with free WLAN throughout the entire historic town centre. With the Minden APP, guests can venture out on their own to experience a digital guided tour of Germany’s first Beacon Mile. Discover the history and the stories behind the places of interest surrounding the 1200-year old cathedral via podcasts. And also use the Minden APP to find tips for shopping and cultural activities as well as the quickest way to a fresh cup of coffee or a cold beer. Insider tips can be accessed via QR codes – which Minden was the first city in Germany to place in the street cobbles.

Digital guided tours of the Minden Beacon Mile

Along the Minden Beacon Mile tourists can explore the old town route with all its places of interest on their own using their smartphone. Historic Minden comes alive via podcasts, texts and images.

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The Minden APP

thumb APP menueUse the Minden APP to take you on a digital guided tour of the city at Germany’s first Beacon Mile and take advantage of the shopping, cultural activities and event tips for Minden.

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Free WLAN in Minden

thumb wlanMinden provides free WLAN for all guests in the historic town centre.

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QR Codes

thumb vernetzungThe QR codes – which Minden was the first city in Germany to place in the street cobbles – are also entry points into Digital Minden.

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360° Guided tour and webcam

Experience historic Minden before your visit via webcam or roam through the city with our 360° guided tour. From the marketplace you have a wonderful view of the Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal (monument to Emperor William) in Porta Westfalica, then pass by the Prussian museum, and encounter the largest two-storey waterway crossing in the world before you explore the alleyways of the city’s historic old town.
(Currently under construction)

Battery loading station at tourist information

Recharge... – yourself and your smartphone – at our tourist information centre. Minden invites you to enjoy a coffee while your smartphone recharges. You can also recharge your electric bike for free at the tourist information centre. Our team at the tourist information centre is glad to advise you while you wait and can give you exciting tips to get the most out of your stay in Minden.

Uplifting thoughts for our guests

Take a moment...
to brighten your day

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The “Digital Minden” concept

thumb ansaetzeMinden Marketing GmbH links the real and virtual public spaces in the city of Minden through a master plan.


Cinematic overview

thumb filmische uebersichtHere you will find a cinematic overview of “Digital Minden”

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