• History Now!

Relive history in the 1200-year-old town of Minden at the river Weser!

From city tours with play scenes to large-scale productions on the historic Weser passage - Minden offers a unique setting for new, eventful productions of the past. Entertaining and authentic the history of different epochs is brought to life and can be experienced anew through international groups of actors from reenactment in Minden.

Events as part of the project History now in Minden ("Geschichte neu erleben in Minden")
As part of a project named "Geschichte neu erleben" Minden is organizing numerous events and tours enabling guests to relive the 1200 years of history that Minden has to offer.
Recurring events are:

  • 3x30!
  • Isles of the eras (Mindener Zeitinseln)
  • Reenactors Fair

We want you to get a first impression of the events and to see how fun history can be. Therefore, we prepared some pictures of past events for you:

Isles of the eras (Mindener Zeitinseln) 2018
Reenactor's fair 2019

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