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The project "Digital Minden" is basically about the networking between the (real) urban space and the virtual space.
With this initiative we are trying to connect the offers and protagonist of Minden's inner-city in the fields of shopping, tourism, history, events, culture and services with the users and visitors.
More digital offers are e.g. an online market place as digital "shopwindow", the "Minden-App" and the Minden Beacon Mile on which tourists can experience different offers.

Approaches and goals

thumb ansaetzeFor several years now Minden Marketing GmbH (MMG) has been working on interconnecting the real and virtual public spaces in Minden. With support from WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, J.C.C. Bruns Betriebs GmbH and the provision fund, MMG has been consistently and pragmatically implementing the concept of “Digital Minden”. Numerous components of the project have already been launched. QR codes built-into the cobbles of the city streets, free Minden WLAN, a Minden APP and the Minden Beacon Mile are just a few of the steps on the path toward Minden’s digital future.

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Minden’s Beacon Mile

Along Minden’s Beacon Mile tourists can explore the historic old town route with all its places of interest on their own using their smartphone. Historic Minden comes alive via podcasts, texts and images.

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Interconnecting real and virtual public spaces

thumb vernetzungThe aim of the “Digital Minden" project is to link the “hardware" in real public spaces with the “software“ in virtual public spaces.

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Responsive websites with tourism information, events and more.

thumb Digitales-Minden WebsiteVisitors can access virtual Minden using their smartphone via the responsive website, and discover a wide variety of offerings from tourism to events and more.

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Digital marketplace

With a shopping portal as Minden’s shop window

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The Minden APP

thumb mindenappThe Minden APP is the key interface with the shopping portal and the range of leisure activities of the city.

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Webcams for Minden

thumb webcamsWebcams in the marketplace and at the Kanzlers Weide (event area & motor home site) show visitors and guests the current happenings in Minden.

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Minden and social media

thumb socialweb“Like”, follow and comment on Minden in “social media”.

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Local flavour in the various quarters of the Minden town centre

thumb Digitales-Minden QuartiereSame-day guests, visitors and all interested Minden residents will be able to get information about the individual quarters in the Minden town centre.

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Minden WLAN at no charge

thumb wlanWith Minden WLAN all users can take advantage of the “digital” offerings in Minden at no charge – simply pull out a mobile phone and start surfing.

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