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With Digital Minden the Minden Marketing GmbH offers several “digital extras” for guests, customers and citizens. Minden likely has the first ever city fountain that can be controlled by an APP – the height of the fountain and colour of lights can be selected via smartphone. And as a counterpoint to the bustling urban routine, the “uplifting message” at the Minden Beacon Mile encourages a moment of “deceleration” and “contemplation”. Very practical extras are also the tools “rubbish ticker” and “dirt reporter” which can be selected via the Minden APP.

Fountain control

In Minden you can even control the city fountain...!

With just the push of a button visitors to the town centre in Minden can control the EDEKA fountain from their smartphones. The only prerequisite: that they have downloaded the Minden APP to their mobile phone. In Minden the city fountain has its own Internet connection, which enables access to the fountain control via the Minden APP.

In the Minden APP under the menu item fountain control choose from six different programmes: “Minden loves handball“ (colours: green/white), “Minden loves food“ (colours: blue/yellow), “Minden loves it colourful“ (colours: all), “Minden loves water“ (colours: blue/green), “min+din“ (colours: green, red, blue) and “Minden for lovers“ (colour: red). Each programme lasts roughly two minutes. If a programme is currently running, the APP user is informed how many seconds until their selected programme begins.

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Uplifting message

In Digital Minden visitors can even “escape” the hectic pace of everyday life! With the message “Take a moment – to brighten your day”.

When you need a little encouragement, our Minden Beacon Mile also provides something good for your spirit and mind. Under the motto “Take a moment…to brighten your day”, beacons at several churches – St. Simeoniskirche, St. Marienkirche, St. Martinikirche – and at the Glacisbrücke (pedestrian bridge), the Kleinen Domhof (small cathedral courtyard) and the ZOB (central bus station) send thought-provoking impulses and invite people to escape the hectic daily routine for a quiet moment.