• Minden's "Sterntouren"

Minden's "Sterntouren"

Explore our beautiful region by bike on 5 prepared routes.

brennerei hille
Route 1 - Hille
takes you to our next neighbour, the city of Hille. Located there is the "Grosses Torfmoor" (peat bog) and the "Kornbrennerei" (distillery of a traditional westphalian schnapps called "Korn")
Download the GPX-Data here!

Route 2 - potts park
takes you to the family fun park "potts park".
Download the GPX-Data here!

Route 3 - Petershagen
takes you along the river Weser to the stork museum and the industrial museum "Glashütte Gernheim" (a glassworks) in the city of Petershagen.
Download the GPX-Data here!

Route 4 - Bueckeburg 
takes you to the castle of Bueckeburg and the helicopter museum.
Download the GPX-Data here!

Route 5 - Porta Westfalica
takes you to the monument of emperor Wilhelm the 1st ("Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal") and "Wittekind's castle".
Download the GPX-Data here!

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