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  • Minden's "Sterntouren"

Minden's "Sterntouren"

Experience our "Sterntouren" and discover Minden and its surroundings by bike. Our "Sterntouren" will take you to the most beautiful places in and around Minden: Along the water, through meadows and up the mountains. Minden and its surroundings have a lot to discover! Explore all our routes on Komoot - the app that navigates you through the tours and has many more information for you in its luggage. Our "Sterntouren" are based on the data quality standard of "Route 3.0" of the DTV (German Tourism Association), which ensures reliable and functioning digital tour suggestions.

brennerei hille

Minden to Hille: "Sterntour 1" 

Tour 1 takes you to our next neighbour, the city of Hille. Located there is the "Grosses Torfmoor" (peat bog) and the "Kornbrennerei" (distillery of a traditional westphalian schnapps called "Korn")
Download the GPX-Data here!


Sterntour 2: By bike to potts park

takes you to the family fun park "potts park".
Download the GPX-Data here!petershagentour

Minden to Petershagen: "Sterntour 3" to the "Wasserstraßenkreuz"

Tour 3 takes you along the river Weser to the stork museum and the industrial museum "Glashütte Gernheim" (a glassworks) in the city of Petershagen.
Download the GPX-Data here!


Sterntour 4: Minden, Bückeburg and Kleinenbremen

The tour takes you to the castle of Bueckeburg and the helicopter museum.
Download the GPX-Data here!


Sterntour 5 - Porta Westfalica

The tour takes you to the monument of emperor Wilhelm the 1st ("Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal") and "Wittekind's castle".
Download the GPX-Data here!