Interconnecting real and virtual public spaces

Bild Digitales-Minden QR

Minden - Germany's first city with QR codes in the street cobbles

shopping portal bildThe aim of the “Digital Minden" project is to link the “hardware" in real public spaces with the “software“ in virtual public spaces. This takes place via QR codes built-into the city street cobbles, tourist-oriented signposting and printed products for tourists. In this way, the QR codes can be used on smartphones as a “gateway” to discover the virtual city of Minden.

The QR codes which Minden integrated into the historic street cobbles – the first German city to do so – are an important interface to the virtual offerings of the city. They form a broad network throughout the entire public space of Minden’s town centre. Among other things, these QR codes also enable visitors to click on information about individual quarters in the town centre.

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