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  • Free WiFi in Minden

Free Wifi in Minden

Quite simple... surf straight away without registration.

1. Connect your mobile device to »MINDEN-WLAN«.
2. Confirm the terms of use
3. That's it!

Using the WiFi and the Minden APP you can go on a digital city tour and get to know the tourist offers of the historic city. This saves your mobile data volume and opens up digital perspectives to relive history in Minden.

"Free min + din WiFi for everyone" documents the claim of cooperation, cohesion and hospitality formulated with the Minden founding quote "min + din" (translated "mine + yours", see the founding legend of the city of Minden from 798) and spans an exciting arc between history and the digital future of the 1200-year-old Minden.

WiFi is available here:

WLAN Karte Minden Innenstadt