From Hille to Lübbecke: Over the Moor to Beer

In Lübbecke wartet Barres Brauwelt auf Sie"Barres Brauwelt" in LübbeckeThe unscathed wilderness of Hiller Torfmoor (peat-bog) is heaven for nature lovers. The marsh reserve provides a safe habitat for endangered flora and fauna.

Barre’s Brewery in Lübbecke is one of Germany’s oldest pilsner breweries. After a tour of Ernst Barre’s Private Brewery (Privatbrauerei Ernst Barre) museum, enjoy a fresh draught beer in the “Old Storage Cellar”!

For further information about Lübbecke you can contact the tourist information: +49 (0) 57 41/2760

Hiller peat-bog ("Hiller Torfmoor")For further information about Hille you can contact the tourist information: +49 (0) 571/404 42 50

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