Storks and industrial history in Petershagen

Die Glashütte Gernheim ist heute ein westfälisches Industriemuseum "Glashütte Gernheim"See rare water birds and White Storks along the Petershagen "Stork Route". This 50km long adventure trek leads you to the many attractions of the Weser floodplain (Weseraue). In the area you will find various mills, the Heimsen Museum of Homeland and Herring-fishing (Heimat- und Heringsfängermuseum Heimsen) and the Westphalian Industrial Museum Glassworks at Gernheim. Here you can look over a glassmaker’s shoulder as he prepares glass using traditional techniques.



Malerisch an der Weser gelegen: das Schloss PetershagenCastle PetershagenThe impressive Castle Petershagen on the Weser (Schloss Petershagen) was built in 1306. One can take a tour to learn of the building’s turbulent history.

For further information about Petershagen you can take at look at the website or contact: +49 (0) 57 07/900 10

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