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Minden during the Weser Renaissance

Artfully decorated gables, decorative strips with inscriptions, coats of arms and sandstone facades... all this and much more shaped the architectural style of the Weser Renaissance, which benefited from the economic boom in Minden in the 16th century.

In Minden you will come across many old and also newer examples of this style. These include "Haus Hagemeyer" on the Scharn, "Haus Bäckerstraße 45" and also the houses of the Minden Museum (Ritterstraße 23 - 33), which gives the impression of a 17th century street and is a trademark and popular photo motif of the city of Minden.

In the Minden Museum itself you will find exhibits on the history of the city and on cultural-historical topics as well as numerous parts of the Weser Renaissance facades of former town houses.

Tip: Try to decipher the inscription of "Haus Hagemeyer" - there you will find, according to legend, the two names of the founders of Minden. In a city tour you will learn more about the history of Minden.