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Waterway crossing and ship locks

Minden welcomes you to one of the largest waterway crossings in the world!

After a long period of planning, the construction of a gigantic project for the time began in 1906: the Rhine-Weser Canal. A 341 meter long bridge leads the Midland Canal over the Weser and thus forms one of the largest waterway crossings in the world.

In order to get from the Midland Canal into the Weser or vice versa, the shaft lock was built in 1914. Since this no longer meets the requirements of today's ships, the Weserschleuse was opened right next to the shaft lock in 2017, which now also enables the lock for large motor freight ships.

The information center of the shaft lock has more information about the German waterway network and the transport systems of inland waterways ready for you.

Would you like to find out more? We also offer guided tours on the topic of waterways crossings and locks.

Tip: On a "Kanal-Weser" boat trip you can see the waterway crossing from the water and experience a lock with a 13 meter difference in altitude.