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Disc Golf in Minden

Sports and fun for everyone!

On Kanzlers Weide you will find the first and so far only disc golf course in East Westphalia-Lippe. No matter if you are big or small, young or old - everyone can play a round for free. A relaxed sportsession in the great outdoors, fun from the very first moment and social interaction make disc golf a great experience for families and groups.

Guidance of play
The goal is to throw the disc into the basket with as few tosses as possible. A large course with a total of 18 holes has been established in Minden. The best player of the previous hole begins to throw the disc from the starting point. After each toss the game continues where the disc landed. The player whose disc is furthest from the hole always throws first. Particular tension is created by special obstacles and penalty zones, which are explained on graphics at the starting points. The player with the fewest tosses in total wins. A shortened game round with nine holes or playing in teams are interesting alternatives.

You can bring your own discs or rent them on site for a small fee.

Here you can find further information about "DISC GOLF Kanzlers Weide" and the rental for discs.

Tip: Have a look at the parkour in advance in this 3D video animation.