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Digital city tour on Minden Beacon Mile

Minden’s historic old town route stretches from the Dom (cathedral) to the ship mill (see below). Roughly 50 small transmitters (beacons) at the places of interest make it possible to experience historic Minden with an audio guide simply by using your smartphone. Use our free WiFi for the tour.

Download the Minden app for free:


Activate bluetooth, start the app and experience Minden!

Enjoy our digital city tour on Germany's first Beacon Mile in Minden!

Beaconmile im Handy

Tip: The Minden-APP also provides deals from gastronomy and retailers for you. Watch out for vouchers and push-messages in your Minden-APP.

... if you need a little encouragement, our Minden Beacon Mile also provides something good for your spirit and mind. Under the motto “Take a moment…to brighten your day”, beacons at several churches – St. Simeoniskirche, St. Marienkirche, St. Martinikirche – and at the Glacisbrücke (pedestrian bridge across the river Weser), the small cathedral courtyard and the central bus station send thought-provoking impulses and invite people to escape the hectic daily routine for a quiet moment.
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