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Kanzlers Weide caravan site is located directly on the Weser beach with a view of Minden's cathedral and Porta Westfalica. The unique Glacis bridge shows you the way to Minden's historic and story-rich city center. In addition to a varied shopping experience, numerous events await you in Minden throughout the year.

Tip: Switch from caravan to ship - don't miss the world's biggest double waterway crossing and the lock with a height difference of 13 meters.

Kanzlers Weide offers 48 paved parking spaces on grass pavers and 22 parking spaces on level gravel and is open all year round. Numerous parking spaces are equipped with disposal stations, water and electricity connections

You can park on Kanzlers Weide free of charge for a 3-hour stop in Minden between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.. From March 1 until October 31 a day (including overnight stay) costs 5,00 € per pitch. For fresh water (120 l) and waste water (90 l) you pay 1,00 € each with coins. The costs for 1 kWh of electricity are 0,50 €.

For more information about what you can experience in and around Minden, please contact us.

GPS 52°17‘17‘‘N, 08°55‘35‘‘0