• Customize your trip

Customize your trip

Are you planning tot spend a day in Minden with your group? Would you like to get to know more about the city, its history and stories? Do you want to experience something special? We organize your trip according to your wishes.

What you should defintely not miss: Minden's must-haves include a historical city tour and a boat trip on the waterway crossing including a lock.

We create an individual day program for you and your group. Here we already have some inspiration for you.

Experience modules:

  • Guided tours in Minden1
  • Round trips on the canal and the Weser
  • Ship mill
  • Minden Museum
  • Mill route
  • Amusement park "potts park"
  • Kleinenbremen visitor mine
  • Visit to Melitta
  • Gernheim glassworks
  • Barre's world of brewing
  • and much more

1 Guided tours: You can choose from our broad range of city tours, themed tours and adventure tours. In addition to the general historical city tour and the tour of the Emperor Wilhelm Monument, there are tours on the topics of the waterway crossing, urban development in the inner city and the railway station, Reformation in Minden, Prussia in Minden, Johannisquartier - Schlagde - Fischerstadt and „cool wine and fresh beer“. With the witch, the tower keeper or maid Martha, your tour will be an experience.

Click here to find out more about the individual guided tours. Special prices apply for groups of 20 or more people.

Minden Marketing GmbH does not provide any kind of vehicles or transfer services.

For further information about our day trips and group trips, detailed descriptions about the modules and possible booking dates and prices please contact the tourist information (Minden Marketing GmbH) via phone +49 (0) 571/829 06 59 or via e-mail info@mindenmarketing.de.

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