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  • LWL-Prussian Museum

LWL-Prussian museum of Minden

The LWL-Prussian Museum (LWL-Preußenmuseum) Minden is currently being redesigned. A new permanent exhibition is to convey a differentiated image of Prussia from 2021/2022 and show why Prussia is still relevant today. At the authentic location, the defensions barracks from 1829 in downtown Minden, the topic of Prussia in Westphalia is to come to life through new and unexpected approaches.

Concerts, lectures and other events will continue to take place in the LWL-Prussian Museum Minden before the reopening.
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In addition, the LWL-Prussian Museum Minden is the starting point for the network “Prussia in Westphalia” founded in 2016. The aim of the network is to make the subject of Prussia tangible in Westphalia and beyond. Tourist partners and representatives of over 40 historical museums, industrial and open-air museums, monuments, event locations and scientific institutions have come together. In the future, museum and tourist offers are to be developed in order to go beyond the usual clichés on the trail of the Prussians in Westphalia.
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LWL-Preußenmuseum Minden
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