Not only for children: potts park

Here with kids? Potts Park will make everyone’s day. Perfect for families, the unique fun park offers unusual rides and attractions, including the wild water course and water roundabout, roller coaster, and (our favourite) merry ‘pig’ rides on the Lazy Sow. Everyone can take part in the interactive fun of the pedal ride, water fun park and slide areas, complete with crazy bikes. Want to feel young again (or at least small)? Then try the fun house where everything is scaled to make you the same height as if you were two years old. (Try putting your nose over this table ledge!) In search of something educational?

The “Terra Phenomenalis” science center is a new addition to the park. This ‘weatherproof’, interactive exhibition fosters fun and learning.

thumb logo pottspark2015You can find further information about the "potts park" here.

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