Enjoy your recreation in Minden

Looking for recreation and relaxation? Interested in leisure activities outside? Or do you prefer to discover attractive sights on your own? Then Minden and its surroundings are the right place for you! Here you can see a variety of areas of natural beauty where rare plants and animals are waiting to be discovered. Follow the marked hiking and bicycle tracks and enjoy the beautiful landscape by ship.

Walking on the Weser-Bastau-Path along the Weser and the ship-mill grinder as well as on the Old Town Route offers another possibility to get an idea of Minden´s sights. Both paths are marked with signs.

Minden´s green spaces

thumb freizeitGrüneLunge Minden is green. Surrounded by a green belt, the glacis and flanked by the promenade at the river "Weser" the city gives you the best premises to spend the day outdoors.

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Waterway Crossing

thumb freizeitWasserstrasseAfter a long period of planning in 1906 there was the start of a giant building project : The Rhine-Weser Canal. Since then the canal takes a 'jump' over the river 'weser'.

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Not only for children: potts park

thumb freizeitPottsPark Only a couple minutes away from the inner city of Minden the theme park "potts park" not only provides eventful days for the little ones, but for the adults as well.

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Ship-mill grinder (Schiffmühle)

thumb freizeitSchiffmühleA very special rarity at the banks of the river Weser is the reconstruction of an old ship mill.

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By Steam train or ship

thumb freizeitEisenbahnSchiffThe waterway crossing in Minden, the river Weser and the Midland Canal ("Mittellandkanal") give various options to explore Minden by ship. Nevertheless the (hstoric) railways give you great opportunities to travel and explore as well.

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Disc Golf in Minden

thumb discgolfDisc Golf is quite easy to learn an to play: The aim is to move the disc into the basket with preferably few tosses. In Minden you can play on 18 holes all together.

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A little sensation at the Wittekind castle

Die Kreuzkirche an der Wittekindsburg ist eine kleine SensationUntil 1996 the Wittekind castle ("Wittekindsburg") was indeed a very fascinating, but notparticular uncommon ringfort. Only then archaeologist discover a rarity.

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The Minden Planet Trek: An entire solar system in Minden

Der Planetenpfad in MindenDedication makes it possible. Studends and teachers of the "Besselgymansium" in Minden established a planet trek. Everybody who is interested can explore this trek. Particularly good with your bike.

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