On one's own

rundgaengeOld Town route (red line)
This route involves a lot of what we show our guests during our city tours. You will see the old town and pass through the vibrant city centre.

Weser route (green line)
Or do you want to relax? Then take this route along the Weser and through our charming green space the glacis. Or perhaps a cruise with a ship of the "Mindener Fahrgastschiffahrt"?

Download the map of the city and the tours as a PDF: maps & walks

The individual points of interest in detail:

Old Town Route
A Cathedral, Minden Cathedral Treasury
B Town Hall
C Schmieding House (figures “min+din”)
D Löwenapotheke "Kaufhaus", "Hofviertel" storage houses
E by Martini Stairs to Historic Uppper Old Town, St. Martini's church yard with St. Martini church
F Former provisions store, army bakery, "Alte Münze" restaurant
G Minden museum (museum row),
H "Doll museum"
I Hansa House, "Windloch" back to the Old Market Place by Martini Staris
J "Haus Hagemeyer" (Weserrenaissance)
K "Haus Bäckerstraße 45" (Weserrenaissance)
L Civic Arts Centre with St. John's Church and Churchyard
M City Entrance "Tränke" (underpass for pedestrians and bicycles)

Weser Route
A Sightseeing cruise landing (Mindener Fahrgastschiffahrt)
B Former Water Level House, High Water Level Mark
C Pedestrian Bridge (Glacisbrücke), "Jupiter" on the Planet Path
D Ship Mill
E "Amphitheatre"
Q Former Officer’s Mess "Prinz Friedrich"
G Swan-Pond (Remains of Former Fortress Walls)
H Former Government Building with "Manzel-Fountain"
I "Great Elector" monument
J Old Fishermen’s Village (part of town near the River Weser with fortified walls)
K "Saturn" on the Planet Path

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