Once upon a time anno 798...

Zu Gast im historischen MindenCharlemagne (Karl der Große) called for an assembly in Minden. Recorded in the Franconian annals, this is the first official mention of Minden and marks the beginning of more than 1200 years of history. In the year 800 Minden got a bishop and its first cathedral.
By 977 Minden enjoyed many privileges including the right to coin money, hold markets, raise customs and to establish a legal court. These laid the foundations for the further development of the town.
The large market square in front of the town hall shows that Minden attracted merchants and craftsmen. In the Middle Ages Minden was part of the Hanseatic League, an extensive federation of trading towns and guilds. These ties to other commercial towns helped Minden to grow and flourish and eventually extensions of the town became necessary.
In Minden an economic boom followed the Reformation. Today you can still find traces of the architecture of that time in the town. There are also quite a few buildings which remind you of the years under Brandenburg-Prussian rule. See the sights and stroll through the centuries!

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