A visit in Minden's theatres

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If you mention the word "theatre" in Minden you most certainly talk about the Minden Community Theatre ("Mindener Stadttheater"). Admittedly we do not have our own ensemble available in Minden, but we learnt that this fact is a real advantage regarding the variety of the programme. We are very proud to welcome national and international stars on a regular basis.

bild wagnernibelungenIn the upcoming years of 2015-2019 e.g. the Richard Wagner Verband Minden is going to present one of Wagner's greatest works in the Stadttheater Minden. In cooperation with the Nordwestdeutschen Philharmonie, a number of selected soloists and under the direction of the conductor Frank Beermann the first part of  Richard Wagner's "The Ring of the Nibelung" called "The Rhinegold" is going to have it's opening night on September 9th 2015. For further information about the event and the dates please contact +49 (0)571/20577 or info@wagner-verband-minden.de

For further information about the theatre programme in the Stadttheater Minden please contact +49 (0) 571 828390 or the ticket office +49 (0) 571/88277.

More theatres in Minden and around...

Beyond that Minden offers even more active theatrical work.

In the nearby city Porta Westfalica you can find the Goethe-Freilichtbühne which is an open air stage. Of course there are many people from Minden who are counted among the ensemble. During the winter season you can find the ensemble on different stages in our city.
Located in the inner city of Minden you can also find the Little Theatre "Am Weingarten". A number of controversial plays were performed there which proves that you can find the whole width of different theatrical offers in Minden.
For further information about the Goethe-Freilichtbühne and the Little Theatre "Am Weingarten" please contact +49 (0) 571/71368 or info@portabuehne.de.

The Kurt-Tucholsky-Gesamtschule also organize numerous theatre showings. The Tucholsky-Bühne is no longer a mere school theatre after all, but offers a diversified programme for all age groups. For further information about the Tucholsky-Bühne please contact +49 (0) 571/7100283.


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