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Max BrunsEven Minden has famous ancestors: e.g. the denser and publisher Max Bruns who left behind an enormous estate. This estate was evaluated in the Municipal Archives of Minden ("Kommunalarchiv") and contains mostly manuscripts and letters. For further information about the Kommunalarchiv please contact +49 (0) 571/972200.

Since 1953 Minden is the main office of the only international writers' guild in Germany: The European authors' union Kogge e.V., which reaches a great audience with readings and panel discussion during their annual conferences. In addition to that Minden also has literary offers, e.g. the regularly poetry slam at the Kulturzentrum BÜZ with where pros as well as hobbyists compete against each other.
For further information about the Kogge e.V. please contact +49 (0) 571/83791 or
For further information about the Kulturzentrum BÜZ please contact +49 (0)571/23939 or

Concerning the area of art: The "Verein für aktuelle Kunst" and the "Kulturverein Wolkenstein" assemble new exhibitons about painting, sculpting and installations. But there are many other events during which the artists can present their work to the audience.
For further information about the Verein für aktuelle Kunst please contact
For further information about the Kulturverein Wolkenstein please contact +49 (0) 571/28347 or

You would like to spend your time at the river Weser? The guests and visitors can enjoy readings, wine tastings an more in the extraordinary atmosphere of the restored ship mill.
For further information about the ship mill and the literature programme please contact +49 (0) 571/89375 or

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