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Bild Digitales-Minden Website

With nothing more than a smartphone visitors can immerse themselves – via these real entrance channels in the city’s public spaces (such as, e.g. the QR codes) – in the virtual world of Minden and discover the diverse offerings, which are e.g. retrievable on the smartphone-enabled Internet sites of the MMG. Free WLAN throughout the Minden town centre simplifies this interface even further.

The MMG already provides comprehensive information about all events, promotions and places of interest in Minden as well as attractions for tourists. The scope of information ranges from (historic) sightseeing tours to day trips to package deals, from the cultural offerings of the summer stage to the gourmet mile, Christmas market, Minden trade fair, summer nights of jazz and wine festivals. Moreover, Minden’s points of interest, such as the waterway crossing, the historic ship mill and the Minden cathedral are also included on the smartphone-enabled website of MMG at

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